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What Can AI Bring
to the Table in Medicine?

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Georg Langs is Chief Scientist at contextflow GmbH and is leading the Computational Imaging Research Lab at the Medical University of Vienna. He was a Research Scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT, where he still holds an affiliate position. His work focuses on developing new machine learning techniques in the context of medical imaging and precision medicine. Results include prediction models for disease course and treatment response in both the delivery of care and the development of novel strategies.

In this talk, Georg will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in precision medicine. Altogether we will discuss how it impacts areas ranging from routine healthcare to the development of novel treatment strategies and diagnostic paradigms. He will focus on critical aspects that brought surprises during the last few years when the expectation of AI's impact was quite different from the direction reality took. Examples will include medical imaging, prediction of individual treatment response, and the exploratory identification of novel disease phenotypes in large-scale data.


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